Digital Dream Labs’ robotic toys Cozmo & Vector robots in production now – 30,000 will be ready for the holiday season

“Cozmo & Friends” animated series available for streaming on YouTube starting this April

PITTSBURGH—April 28, 2022:  He’s curious, crafty, and determined when he finds a problem. But the little robot Cozmo’s big, expressive eyes often surprise when his plans collide with an unpredictable world. 

Cozmo is the perfect pal for kids ages 5-8 who are also learning to navigate a world full of surprises. 

Chances are, you will hear about Cozmo this year when the holidays roll around, and supplies will be limited at least this year. He’ll be joined by Vector – also in production – who looks the same but has a personality all his own.

The two robots from Pittsburgh-based ed-tech company Digital Dream Labs look the same, but they’re as different as cats and dogs. To take the pet analogy further, Cozmo likes to play games and fetch objects like a friendly pup.  He’s also fully programmable by your average kid and is already used to teach coding skills in schools across America. Vector will play with you – but then goes off on his own and does his own thing, like a cat. (He also likes to push small objects off tables and desks, like a cat.)

Both integrate sophisticated sensors and AI. While Cozmo is more of an educational toy robot, Vector is fully autonomous and almost like a robot pet, which seems to have its own life.

Like Cozmo, Vector’s electronic eyes vividly reflect what kind of mood he’s in. He can play tricks, set timers, and answer questions about the weather or other trivia. The little AI robotic companion can even deal you a hand of Blackjack and give you a fist bump (well, he doesn’t have fists), among many other things. The latest version, Vector 2.0, has increased battery life and a new camera to help with facial recognition, which will eventually help him tell if you’re smiling – and even recognize your pets. 

“These robots defined the consumer robotics category and we’re thrilled to be bringing them back, back and better than ever,” says Digital Dream Labs CEO Jacob Hanchar.

Next year, there will be many more.

Cozmo and Vector will also start rolling onto screens worldwide starting this week.

There will also be episodes of “Cozmo & Friends” starting in late April, which will be available for streaming on YouTubefollows the adventures of Cozmo and the other robots from Digital Dream Labs.

Taking Consumer Robotics to New Heights

In 2019, Pittsburgh-based ed-tech company Digital Dream Labs acquired the intellectual property for several of Anki’s products, including Cozmo, Vector and an AI-powered racing game called OverDrive. Though only about the size of a hamster – with expressive eyes that convey a surprising array of emotions – they represent some of the world’s most advanced consumer robotics capabilities. 

“We had a great opportunity to acquire the IP for a collection of products that have sold millions of units,” says Hanchar. “These robots are incredibly compelling and can connect with their owners emotionally in a way that no other robot has been able to do.”

A Kickstarter campaign to restart Vector exceeded its goal in a single day, with thousands of backers contributing to revive the robots.

Digital Dream Labs developed Open-Source Kit for Robotics (OSKR) to allow users to program Vector themselves. 

“There are 200,000 Vector users who can contribute to his development,” says Hanchar. “This is a revolutionary concept. We are crowdsourcing robotics.”

About Digital Dream Labs

With 3+ million customers, Digital Dream Labs (DDL) is an award-winning entertainment company that develops engaging learning solutions and consumer robots for people of all ages – transforming the way science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) topics are taught, pre-K to adult – around the world. Makers of Cozmo, Vector, InfiniDrive, and Puzzlets, DDL is on a mission to produce Robots that make life easier and better regardless of who you are or where you are at in life. For more information, visit


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