Jacob Hanchar

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jacob serves as advisor and investor to many start-up companies in Western PA. Jacob received his doctorate in 2007 from the University of California Los Angeles where he focused on research in biological sciences. He performed post-doctoral work in otolaryngologic disorders particularly tinnitus at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Neuroscience.

Dan Seitam

Chief Finance Officer

Dan has helped leadership positions with a variety of technology companies over the course of his career. In addition to founding three companies, he has worked in multiple industries, including business analytics, professional services, embedded software for consumer products and wireless broadband systems. As Chief Financial Officer, Dan’s experience helps with operational planning, market assessment / sizing / segmentation, financial forecasting, valuation and funding preparation.

Grant Olson

Chief Technology Officer

Grant is a senior software developer with decades of experience ranging from low level embedded systems to large multi-instance cloud deployments and everything in between. His previous company WebKite specialized in generating millions of unique and highly targeted online ads to increase market efficiency. Grant is working on the production of Cozmo and Vector and creating next generation tools to take them to new levels.

Matthew Eversole

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew is a product marketing specialist with a history of successfully leading product launches including prior experience with startups and electronics manufacturers. Prior to rejoining the Company in 2020 Matthew led product marketing for Bacharach Inc. an international electronics manufacturer whose product lines accounted for more than $70M in annual revenue. As Chief Marketing Officer, his expertise will help the Company to grow our customer base build brand awareness and coordinate marketing efforts with our retail and distribution partners.